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“This isn't where I thought I would be in my life by now”

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“This isn't where I thought I would be in my life by now.”

So many people reach mid life feeling uninspired, unfulfilled and disconnected.

is this you right now?

You're a bit softer and more sluggish than you were. Maybe taking your shirt off at the pool is not as appealing as it once was.

You know you need to make changes to feel good about yourself and succeed in your life—and be excited about what’s still to come.

You have success in one area of your life. But the rest? It’s a mess. You’re ready to be fully aligned, not just master your fitness OR your business.

This is your time! Break through the limiting beliefs and weak narratives about what's possible!

Maybe you realize how rare it is to encounter an individual who is confident, in epic shape, and has an incredible marriage and financial abundance.

Make meaningful changes inside the Mindset Membership, a private community to achieve total mind-body transformation.

To excel in life, you need to take care of yourself, those you love, and your financial well being. Our character in these areas needs to be in alignment to truly operate from our highest version of self. But the body is often the first place we manifest change we can see! You just need to unleash its power.

It's never too late to turn everything around.

When you join, you’ll get the blueprint to make fitness your foundation to see real results—fast.

Your custom nutrition plan. Get ripped before you even workout.

Custom training plan that we track in my app.

Take an inventory of how you feel physically and mentally. Notice the progress.

Identify the gap between your current path and your vision.

Learn and implement alongside others who get it.

You can and will reach your dreams. Especially when you have support and accountability from those who are walking this same path.

As you execute your plan and get your body and mind into shape, you’ll be on your way to transforming the other areas of your life…

Elevate your body and mind...


Feel lighter and more awake


Move easier and quicker

Body Composition

Look better than ever

So many people go to the gym for a year and don’t see any noticeable results. Others try meditation and gratitude exercises and don’t get any closer to the high vibe mindset they need for true success.

People make things too complicated to justify their inaction. There’s a simpler way.

This is why coaching with someone who has overcome incredible obstacles is the best way to get results on an accelerated timeline.

Elevate your body and mind. Start today.

Let me show you what I mean.

Your high performance coach.

I'm Kasey Hinchman

Don't be embarrassed by your mistakes—we've all made many. Your past doesn't define your future. I overcame significant obstacles to achieve the life I now live. From my struggles, I created a blueprint you can follow with systems and strategies to get accelerated results.

When you work with me, you’ll do the same—faster than you can imagine.

Tap into my personal experience of designing and building my dream life from the ground up.

I know anyone can rise. Dramatic change is possible. Even if you’re starting from zero.

Ascending to the next level in your life starts with transforming your mind and body.

A custom blueprint will help you get there sooner than you imagined.

Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

We start here because your fitness is tangible—it’s the most straightforward to elevate. 

Once you master your mindset and fitness, you’ll see an impact that spreads from there into every other part of your life. Your relationships, your business, and your finances. 

“Thank you for being such an inspiration, and helping me to overcome some things that I have struggled with! Honestly, I don't think I could do it without the physical training aspect. It has been life transforming.”

- John Roach

SF Trial Lawyer


I am able to help others make a dramatic transformation in as little as 90 days.

I’m always fine tuning and adjusting my fitness program and those of my clients.

At earlier points in my life, I was generally fit but my efforts weren't producing the results they could have been. I was in my twenties, fresh out of the army. I was doing some personal training, and just enjoying the freedom of being out of the military. This is when I got ahold of some personal development materials, and my mind opened to the world of financial freedom and mindset mastery.

But it took until my early 30's to have a series of breakthroughs. This meant building upon my fitness foundation and bringing it to the next level. I knew I had to start here. I worked out multiple times a day, with strategic and targeted strength training and an effective nutrition plan.

Sept 15
181 Lbs
10% body fat

March 15
191 lbs
7% body fat


In about 180 days, I was able to drop my body fat from 10%, to 7%, AND gain over 16 Lbs of lean muscle mass!

I have always been a dedicated athlete. I was first certified as a personal trainer when I was just 19. For many years, I focused on things like running, surfing, and workouts I could do at home.

When I decided to switch things up, I designed an intense, custom weight lifting program for myself, and the results were almost immediate!

Even more significant for me; A handful of aches and pains I had been living with, suddenly were gone! My training program, also had an impact on my surfing, boxing and everything else I did.

I was hooked again, and with a renewed focus on RESULTS.

Through that experience, I designed a program for accelerated transformation.

Now, you can take the principles I’ve successfully applied, to elevate your life too—starting with your body.

The Mindset Membership moves through these core principles to guide you to a full body-mind transformation.

Commit to an effective training program that’ll turn heads at the gym.

Learn the principles of advanced strength training to build your endurance and create the physique you've always wanted.


01 /

Transform your nutritional baseline to make your body crave this lifestyle, making you less likely to fall off track.

Understand and implement the principles of macronutrient-based nutrition and tracking.


02 /

matt slatter

Increased his passive income by $85,000 after working with Kasey

"I was able to increase my passive income by $85,000, after about half a dozen meetings with Kasey. That's just ONE of the HUGE financial wins I have had, working with him and following his advice. He has a unique approach to business and wealth creation. He is skilled at asking the right questions to find the best solutions that others miss.. If I had followed ALL of his advice, I would have done even better. I HIGHLY recommend Kasey to ANYONE looking to improve their business or financial situation. He gets RESULTS!"

-Matt Slatter

President of Slatter Commercial Construction

Awareness. Honesty. Accountability.

I’ll always hit you with the truth: Most people fail to do this alone.

They don’t track their progress and lose motivation when the dramatic results don’t come immediately.

They make excuses for not sticking to their plan until suddenly it’s been 3 months since they lifted a weight.

They don’t know, what they don’t know, and get frustrated instead of seeking out help and accountability.

But when you’re with our team in the Mindset Membership, you don’t have those excuses. We’re always here with you, holding you to your commitment.

They tend to complicate things to justify their own inaction.

The Mindset Membership fuels your mind-body transformation…

The progress you make in the Mindset Membership begins with focus on your body and mindset. Once you build that momentum and start to see results, you’ll be undeniable. The rest of your life will follow.

As soon as you join, you get immediate access to an easy to follow blueprint.

This is the first step in becoming the 10.0 version of you.

A custom training and nutrition program housed within my app, so we can track your progress and keep you accountable.

Direct messaging with me through the training app.

Weekly progress photos to watch your transformation happen in real time.

Weekly video calls with the whole Mindset Membership team.

24/7 support through the Mindset Membership private group, to get your questions answered and learn from others.